The CEPD provides the following services in the areas of education and training, with a particular emphasis on systemic issues:

Research, Evaluation and Monitoring

The CEPD specialises in policy research which is aimed at systems development. Policy research provides a potentially powerful tool to independently and critically assess the value of policy initiatives in government. Research projects are both self-initiated (with funding sought from donors) and conducted on behalf of clients. The CEPD is also extensively involved in projects designed to evaluate and monitor education and training programmes and institutions.

Project Management

The CEPD is involved in the facilitation, coordination and management of research, monitoring and evaluation projects involving a large number of different service providers. Such large scale development and research projects are managed on behalf of government, other agencies or consortia of service providers. The CEPD offers the expertise of a wide network of public management, policy, education, and development specialists in managing large scale projects effectively.

Capacity Building

Training programmes and other development and support activities are organised for individuals and organisations who are engaged in the education and training field. CEPD is currently involved in a series of workshops to capacitate student leaders in post school education and training (universities and colleges) to better respond to the needs of their constituencies, as well as to participate effectively in their roles as representatives on governing bodies such as councils and academic boards and senates.

CEPD is also involved in building the organisational capacity of the two main student associations in the post school education and training sector – SAUS and SAFETSA.

The CEPD runs an internship programme in which young research professionals are developed in all aspects of the Centre's work over a one year period. This programme started in 1997 and the CEPD normally has two interns at any one time. Preference is given to candidates with a Master’s Degree, or who have made substantial progress towards attaining one.

Fund Holding and Grants Management

The CEPD specialises in financial management of project funds on behalf of government, donor agencies and organisations of civil society. This involves receiving the funds; disbursing these in a manner stipulated by the project and accounting to the funders as required. Additional activities are often required by the funder, including contracting service providers, issuing requests for proposals, preparation of programme reports and the organisation of meetings.

Conference Organisation

Conferences, workshops and seminars are organised on request from clients or initiated by the CEPD around important issues in education and training. Such organisation can include assistance with the conceptualisation of conferences, developing an agenda, logistical activities (booking venues, flight arrangements, invitations, registration etc.), facilitation and development of reports and proceedings.

For further information about conferences, contact Shatadi Moswane: Email